A Testimony on Healing

This woman came to The Rock and was bold enough to come forward and ask God to give her back a rib that had been surgically removed in 2012. When she went to the doctor after prayer in 2014, the doctor said “I have never seen anything like this before. You have a brand new rib.” The doctor took the rib out in surgery after the car accident and 2 years later God put the rib back in. Christine was on 9 medications, much pain, and sleepless nights. After prayer, she is now off all medications and sleeps soundly. This is a documented provable fact. We have a stack of files showing the date of the incident, the cause of the surgery and all the details of what happened, plus the x-rays.

” And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony” – Revelations 12:11a

To see more videos on healing, you may visit The Rock of the Harbor YouTube Channel.


6-11-13 -Nick

I was held in captivity over thoughts that were lies. I was prayed for that these lies would be released. When I woke up the next morning, I had no painful thoughts trying to attack me. I was also prayed for concerning patience, a feeling of anxiousness or feeling like fleeing in front of difficult situations. Now I know that I have authority over my thoughts and patience through presenting them to Christ and
trusting Him to take care of it.


5-29-13 – Cosette

One time I had a sharp pain in my foot. I asked my Dad to pray for it and you know what? I got healed and I was sweating like a pig and heat was all over me. I jumped and jumped , because I was so excited! I could finally run and jump, after I was prayed for. I was shaking and couldn’t stop. The Holy Spirit healed me on Sunday!


John Cox

I was at the Sunday healing service at The Rock of the Harbor. Nathan and Jonathan were testifying about the healings and the great things God did on their trip. I believed that I was gonna be healed that day. I didn’t even get prayed for yet and I felt my knee getting healed. As they were talking, my Dad said, when were done that I should go up and get prayer over my knee. I told him that I didn’t need it and that I already felt healed. I went up for prayer anyway to get it confirmed. My knee has felt better ever since. It had been hurting for 6yrs and now I have no more pain.


May 2013 Lily Lee / Age 11

One night on Tuesday Nathan prayed for my knee. The things that were said, put a lot of faith into me and God healed my knee. This is what happened to my knee. I slid on dirt when I was playing baseball and my knee twisted and I could not run for 4 weeks. God healed my knee that day and now I can run.


5-7-13 – Tamara

I work as an attendant counselor at a mental health facility. Recently I was attacked by a patient and received a severe injury to my neck and upper back. I was taken to the hospital and sent home to rest with medication. I went to equipping night for The Rock of the Harbor the next Tuesday and was prayed for and God healed me. So I made an appointment for the doctor and planned to go back to work on Friday. I went back to the doctor and he was amazed and cleared me to go back to work. All my coworkers were amazed as well, that I could go back to work so quickly with the injuries I had received.


5-28-13 -David

On May 12th I was at the Rock of the Harbor and Stephen prayed for a healing of the blues I had been feeling in my heart and Spirit. The Spirit of God touched me and filled me with a well being that was a complete uplifting blessing.

On May 28th at the Equipping night, I asked to be prayed for healing in my knee. My knee had been damaged for 20yrs. Nathan saw in the Spirit that the meniscus was being stitched up and healed by the Lord. It immediately felt way stronger and I ran and jumped, which I could not have done before.


May 2013 Christina Walker

Around February 2013 I fell down stairs and fell hard right on my tailbone. I had seering pain while sitting after this, but I knew Jesus could heal and wants to heal. So I kept fighting against this pain, because I didn’t want it. Every time the pain came, I’d pray to God to heal it. I had people praying for me and every time they prayed some pain would lift off, but not fully.
The last Sunday in May or around that time, at The Rock, there was a healing explosion service. One of the speakers was talking about we should praise God for the amount He has healed already. As I did that, I felt God literally move a ligament part of my tailbone. Nobody prayed for me and the pain was gone. I just wept and praised God, because I had been waiting for that moment. I then told people God healed my tailbone! After a little while, some pain tried to come back and I started to doubt what God had done, but I still fought to keep the healing. I didn’t want any pain or kinks. On June 11, 2013 at the Equipping night, God took all the pain away and nobody had prayed for me. All of it was gone and is not going to come back. Thank you Jesus!